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The Akmani Hotel Jakarta 6th anniversary

The Akmani Hotel Jakarta 6th anniversary

10 Jul 2015, 5:00 pm

Jakarta, July 10th 2015 - To Coincide with the Ramadhan season, The Akmani Hotel Jakarta 6th anniversary was celebrated with a series of interesting social activities.


We collected second clothes from the employees that were still worth taking, as well as school supplies and foods to be given to the orphanage.


The main event, Breakfasting with the orphans of Jami’tarihunniyaj mosque, was held in Rumah 91 restaurant, The Akmani Hotel Jakarta. There were Marawis, fun games, motivation building and so on. The purpose of the event is to share our happiness with the children, togetherness and also to understand the truly meaning of Ramadhan, which is “to share”.


“In this 6th anniversary, The Akmani Hotel Jakarta is committed to continue providing the best service, in order to increase our guests satisfactions, because we realized that guests satisfaction is very important “ said Widha Thamrin, Marketing Communication & Public Relations Executive of The Akmani Jakarta.


The Akmani Hotel will continue to improve becoming a unique, exclusive and giving the best service in hospitality industry.