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The Akmani Hotel Motivation Training for employees

The Akmani Hotel Motivation Training for employees

26 Mar 2015, 3:00 pm

Motivation is like a fuel for us.

Low motivation can cause us to work with no direction nor high spirit. Thus, to improve our motivation The Akmani Jakarta hold an employee motivational training regularly.

All the trainings are using fun, active and experimental learning methods. These methods give a feel of exciting, delightful and more interactive to the employees.

By holding motivation training, we intend to not only improving our perfomance and productivity, but also strengtening our bond to each other, unifying our vission and mission and dismissing the mental block, that has been plecluded us to get achievement at work. So that employees will have the right mindset to get the best work result.

Last but not least, this training aim to give new vission to employees by not “just” working as everyone do, but to make it more meaningful and happier.